Old photos of the Dingus's going back to George  Dingus. Some of the photos are not the greatest quality, but it's all that I have. Hope you enjoy looking!

George Dingus

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George Anderson Dingus, born February 26, 1847 in Scott Co VA; died June 10, 1919. He was the son of . George Dingus and . Margaret Addington. He married . Nancy D. Culbertson February 13, 1866 in Scott Co VA.


Azariah Henry  born 7-2-1868 died 9-1955 -Wiley  Fleetwood born 7-22-1870 died 1-9-1950 - Alonzo born  5-10-1880 died 6-11-1964. - Mary Ellen Dingus born 1873 - Charles Benton born 5-27-1876 died 3-5-1907. 

Azariah & Sallie Williams Dingus

Henry Azariah  Dingus, born July 02, 1868; died September 21, 1955. He was the son of George Anderson Dingus and Nancy D. Culbertson. He married Sarah N. Williams May 31, 1888 in Scott Co VA.


Joseph Palmer  b. 5-18-1889  d. 6.4.1953 -  Hobart Charlie b. 10-28-1896 - George A. Malcolm  b. 3-4-1897 -  Mary Wertie  b. 8-12-1900 - Abie Lester  b.  8-4-1903 - d. 11-14-84 - Nunan H.  b. 9-14-1905  d. 6-29-1906 -  Eugene Delee   2-22-1909  d. 9-6-1927  (auto wreck) -  Nathan  b. 10-21-1911  d. 10-22-1911

Azariah Dingus

Azariah Dingus

Alonzo Dingus   Azariah's Brother)  5-10-1880 - 6-11-1964.

Abie & Mae Dingus 


Robert Eugene - William Ray - Donald Bane - Dr. Delmar Delee - Shirley Ann - James Edward - Linda Faye - Carolyn Sue.


Abie Lester Dingus

Bobby and Abie Dingus working on Drexel & Effie Meade's house in 1947.

Abie - Shirley and Lula Bell

Abie & Mae Dingus with Bobby, Bill & Don

Delmar Dingus

Mary Wertie Dingus (Abie's sister)

Mary Wertie Dingus Wagner

Mary Wertie Dingus

Patten Qualls

Jim & Sarah Qualls (parents of Lillie Mae Qualls Dingus)

Sarah Christian Qualls

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Gladys - Mae - Kathlene

Mae & Carolyn

Sally Williams Dingus

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